Stellar Communications Houston delivers quality, clarity, and integrity in business communications and nonfiction book publishing for authors, business leaders, and organizations.

Elevate Your Content

We're passionate about providing quality content and publishing services that align with your business identity and goals. From blog posts to books, we provide every element and expert you need along the way, including project management, editing, writing, graphic design, photography, illustrations and more. The product is communication that brings clarity to your world.

Gain Clarity

We're not into muddled plans and vague expectations. In fact, we're on a mission to bring peace and clarity to the world, not only in what we do but how we do it. That's why we invest in our processes as much as our products. You can expect upfront estimates and proposals that are easy to understand. And you can expect us to see your project through to the end.

Stay Ahead

We don't shy away from deadlines. We value your time and ours too much to not embrace deadlines. So our promise to you is delivery of content that is always on time. And because we understand that you're busy, we take the initiative to stay on track with your communication goals. You can expect us to stick to a schedule and to send regular updates so you don't have to wonder about the progress of your project.

Distinguish Yourself

Our small circle of ongoing clients includes:

nonfiction authors
business owners

They have all one thing common: They value quality content, personal relationships and trusted delivery.

Contact us to find out how we can bring quality, clarity, and reliability to your world through communication.

"Flexible, creative, versatile, insightful."

-Glenn Smith Executive Coaching

"Truly spectacular!"

-Dr. Alanna Bree, Author

"One of my go-to writers."

-Auburn Layman, Publishing Coordinator, Explore God Network

"Utmost trust and respect."

-Craig Slovak, Author

"Extremely pleased."

-Melissa Merrill, Pharmacist,
Professional Compounding Centers of America

"Never loses her patience or good humor."

-Amatulla Zakir, Principal, Content 52

"Prompt turn-around."

-Alex Davidson, Nexa Global Warranty & Insurance Solutions

"Wow! You nailed it."

-Rev. John Miller, Author

"Explained everything so clearly and patiently."

-Roni Elayne Singer, Author


-Roger Igo, CEO, The Bell Tower on 34th