What to Expect at the End of the Publishing Process

I’m back at my desk after a few days in Jamaica last month, a wonderful celebration of our daughter’s high school graduation. We spent the last evening in Jamaica memorizing the twists of a sea grape tree against the Carribean Sea.

I wasn’t ready to say goodbye.

Endings are bittersweet, even in the publishing process. You’d think authors would be relieved to be done. And they are happy to see their books finally released to the world after years of hard work. But as I wean them into independent authorhood, it’s not uncommon for sadness to set in.

“I miss our daily emails,” one author said. “I didn’t expect to feel down.”

I feel it, too. I know I’ll keep an eye on each author, but an essential last step in my process is equipping them to say goodbye to the daily partnership.

I marvel that I was blessed to be part of their journey, just as I marvel that I was blessed to savor the beauty of Jamaica. It’s never long enough, but it’s always worth it.

Ya, mon.

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