This is what’s waiting for you after your book release

Here’s a truth that many nonfiction authors don’t know: After months or years of developing your book, your book release is not the end. It’s just a milestone. The biggest, happiest one to be sure, but just a milestone. Because book marketing is more than telling friends and family then sitting back to become a bestseller. You’re competing in a saturated market, and it takes more to make a dent.

The reality is that after a book release, you’ll find yourself in the wide world of book marketing. And it’s a whole other learning curve that lasts the lifetime of your book.

That’s why I’m proud to announce *my* latest milestone: a Nonfiction Book Marketing Certification. The inaugural class of the Nonfiction Authors Association graduated this week! We studied all of the marketing options out there and formed effective plans.

Here’s what book marketing looks like in action. One of my clients is embarking on a 6-month plan that follows this map:

  • Set the Foundation
  • Reach Your Tribe of Influence
  • Prep Your Online Presence
  • Navigate Media
  • Countdown to Launch
  • Keep the Momentum

I’ll share tips from each of these steps more closely over time. In the meantime, happy marketing!

Ella Ritchie is the founder of Stellar Communications Houston, a nonfiction book publishing and marketing team that serves nonfiction authors, business leaders, nonprofits, and families who value hands-on help and personal attention. Subscribe to the blog for book publishing and marketing tips.

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