What printer is best for your nonfiction book?

What printer is best for your nonfiction book?

You have two options: an on-demand printer and an offset printer.

An on-demand printer is great because it’s truly “on demand.” You can order copies as they’re needed, whether it’s 1 or 1,000. On-demand printers make distribution a breeze because they can fulfill retail orders as they’re placed.

An offset printer is great for quality. While it generally requires larger print runs, it isn’t limited by the creative restrictions of an on-demand printer. You can choose from an exciting array of book sizes, paper stocks, bindings, and finishing touches.

Some authors use both! They purchase a batch of high-quality books at an offset printer for their family and close friends, and they let the rest of the world purchase copies through a retailer using an on-demand printer.

Bottom line: The best printer for your book depends on your purpose and vision.

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