When Your Family Doesn’t Care About Your Genealogy Project

Genealogy projects. They’re fascinating. Unless your family doesn’t think so.

A client was disappointed by his family’s reaction to his genealogical project. They had opened his custom button-and-string envelopes and unfolded large family tree posters, complete with embossed family crests and details dating back 11 generations.

“Thanks!” they said. Then they set the posters aside and continued talking.

They didn’t know the effort that went into it. He’d worked with a team to research his family history, design an elegant keepsake, and print on durable materials – all in time for Christmas.

The reality is that people may not value your message to the world. And even if they do, they rarely understand the work involved.

It’s okay. Lackluster responses don’t diminish the value of your effort.

If you’re hearing crickets, remember your big “why.” Keep your eyes fixed on your purpose.

Also, consider including a letter that briefly shares your journey to publication. It’s not about looking for recognition. It’s about expressing that your family project is more than meets the eye – it’s a labor of love. I encouraged my client to write a letter in his forthcoming book like this one that’s in my own family book.

Remember your purpose. Express your love. Enjoy the ride!

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