*Don’t try this at home*

We gulped when a company called to publish its corporate history book by June. The global systems integrator asked us to squeeze into six months what normally takes one year.

What goes into a year of publishing a corporate history book?

  • 6-9 months = Content development (interviewing, writing, editing, proofreading, approving)
  • 3 months = Graphic design (formatting, cover design, enhancing images, revising proofs)
  • 3 months = Offset printing (approving proofs, fulfilling book orders, shipping globally)

Thankfully, a rockstar team rallied to make possible the impossible:

  • The writing team modified the format and churned out a manuscript in a record three months.
  • The design team worked nights and weekends to pull together a great layout in two weeks.
  • The company’s marketing team gave quick feedback and approval despite their full workloads.

When a print proof arrived on my doorstep, I sighed with relief and joy. The corporate history book order will be ready by the company’s June anniversary.

Bottom line: You can make the impossible possible with a rockstar team. But if you prefer not to white-knuckle it, allow yourself at least one year to publish your corporate history book.

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