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Nonfiction Book Publishing

Take a look at a corporate history, autobiography, memoir, Bible study, medical program, self-help, family history, coffee table book, poetry compilation, and essay collection. They’re written by self-published doctors, CEOs, pastors, memoirists, nonprofit leaders, families, and business leaders. Depending on their needs, we’ve handled all or some of their processes, including developmental editing, line editing, proofreading, graphic design, on-demand printing, global distribution, marketing tools, and lifetime support. We’ve produced every format, including hardcover, paperback, e-book, and audiobook. And we’ve provided every detail, including ISBNs, barcodes, U.S. copyrights, and Library of Congress Numbers.

Keep On Going

A corporate history by CEO Roger C. Igo of the making of The Bell Tower on 34th, an upscale wedding and events venue in Houston, Texas. From tragedy to triumph, it’s a story about pioneering Texans, a disastrous betrayal, and Igo’s fight for the future.

“Wow! You are certainly a PRO at what you do.”
– Roger Igo, CEO, The Bell Tower at 34th


Winner of the 2017 Independent Publisher Bronze Award for Best Regional Nonfiction (South U.S.)

An eyewitness story by banker Bill Herrington of leadership and compassion following one of the most catastrophic storms in U.S. history: Hurricane Katrina.

“You are something else! Fantastic job. I’m 100% pleased with your work and style.”
– Bill Herrington, Author

“One of the best book signings we’ve ever had.” 

– River Oaks Bookstore

“Thanks for the thoughtfulness and communications acumen you’ve shown!”
– Timothy Sassen, Director of Global Partnerships and Communication, Jesuit Schools Network

Medicine at the Crossroads

Foreword by Judge Ken Starr

A collection of articles by Dr. Michael Attas addressing the most pressing questions in medicine today through the lens of the medical humanities. The stories of illness, medicine, and healing are told from the perspectives of physicians, patients, and anyone in the healthcare system.

“I truly love the new three-part organizational structure. You get this. You get me. What more can a writer want!” 

– Michael Attas, MDiv, MD, FACC, Author

What Hurts the Physician Hurts the Patient

A comprehensive program called MedRAP that addresses stress and burnout, ultimately helping to transform the medical training of residents. The program, including the accompanying Facilitator Manual e-book, is endorsed by medical leaders around the United States.

“I was excited to get it, and it looks beautiful! Please thank your designer too!”
– Iris Mushin, M.Ed, MBA, Founder of MedRAP

A Children’s House

Nonprofit featured on CBS

The miraculous true journey of how pediatric dermatologist Dr. Alanna Bree risked everything to follow a calling—with a passion to positively impact the lives of children and teens around the world who are affected by skin disease and birthmarks. 

“Thank you for giving me a voice so I can bring my testimony about my nonprofit to others. You have a wonderful gift, and I feel lucky that you have shared it with me and our readers. It really is a joy to work with you on my book! Your expertise in publishing is invaluable, and you’re always there to provide important insights and support throughout the process.”
– Alanna Bree, M.D., A Children’s House for Pediatric Dermatology


Running in Heels 

A coming- of-age memoir by Mary Ann Pérez, from the shadows of her mother’s choices and through an abusive marriage, providing a universal message of hope and forgiveness against all odds. The new book club edition, released in 2016, has garnered more than 100 online reviews.

“Ella is a truly phenomenal person to know and easy to work with. She wholeheartedly cared about me, my vision, and my story. Her heart goes into her work when she works for you. Thank you Ella, for believing in me and bringing my goodness into greatness! All your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed.”
– Mary Ann Pérez, Author

Willis & Edith: A Tribute to 75 Years

A family coffee table book published in celebration of a 75th wedding anniversary, featuring favorite stories, old recipes, and photographs.

“I had no doubt that you would put your full heart into this, but it certainly has exceeded my expectation. Thank you so much for taking on this lifetime keepsake task for us, our children, and grandchildren.”
– Patrick Granger

Not Just Another Marriage Book

A Biblical teaching tool in which Doug and Sissy Pitcher of Pitcher Ministries speak from past pain and failures to help couples create lasting and fulfilling relationships. Using God’s design, readers learn seven simple tools and resources to thrive in their marriages with “eyes wide open.”

“It’s rewarding to be able to work with a fellow servant of the Kingdom. And Ella adds a personal touch. We haven’t felt distanced in this process. There were a couple of times during the publishing process that she recalled certain things we had written, which was very encouraging to us!”
– Sissy Pitcher, Pitcher Ministries

A History of the Wheeler Family

A family history featuring family trees and an index.

“Ella is an excellent project manager who provides seamless project completion. Clients are happy with the high quality work completed on time and within budget, and all team members are happy with her clear communication. Ella is extremely organized, very attentive to detail, and an overall a pleasure to work with.” 
– Elena Reznikova, DTPerfect

This is Me 

A compilation of selected poetry, school assignments, notes, and drawings by Alex Ware, who took his own life at just nineteen years old, leaving behind a volume of work that reveals his sharp intellect, prophetic thoughts, quirky sense of humor, and private pain.

“I will never be able to thank you enough for the meticulous work, memory of each picture and word, and timely communication. I’ve been in good hands . . . more than good, excellent.” 
– Pat Stone, Compiler

Journey to Paradise

Reverend John E. Miller navigates the seven steps to living the life that God has uniquely created for each of us. With courage and honesty, he recounts the failures and setbacks that he has experienced along the way, pressing on with his readers toward the promise of Paradise. This Biblical field guide features stunning paintings in each chapter to illustrate each stop along the journey. 

“WOW, you nailed it! I can envision some of what you have planned for my new book, and I feel extremely happy and blessed right now. It’s like you took the thoughts directly out of my mind and heart and put them on paper.”
– Reverend John Miller, Author

I Must 

I Must, by Reverend Don G. Cyphers, is a Biblical teaching tool for those ready to take the next step in their Christian faith. With a focus that draws from the story of the nameless prophet in I Kings 13 and an assortment of refining life lessons, this study will give the believer the ears to hear, the eyes to see, and the heart to execute God’s plan for his or her life.

“Thank you so much for everything, specifically your patience!”
– Brad Wright, Editor and literary representative

Over 50? Menopausal? You’re Fired!!!

Written by Roni Elayne Singer and Nancy DePrimo Zuromski, Over 50? Menopausal? You’re Fired!!! is creative nonfiction about Penny Pinkslip, from the humiliating day that she is fired through the five stages of losing a job and to the triumphant moment of accepting a new offer. Packed with 90 pages of colorful drawings and practical tips, this self-help gift book provides hope and beneficial job seeking advice to people walking the rocky road of unemployment.

“We are so pleased that we found you. You’ve been great to work with and you explain everything so clearly and with patience. We feel very fortunate to be working with you.” 
– Roni Elayne Singer, Techical writer, Author

Business communication

Our circle of clients includes small businesses, international corporations, nonprofits, and federal government agencies who value quality content and reliable delivery. We help them develop internal and external communications, from corporate articles and professional bios to academic papers and website content.

“Ella managed a team of proofreaders to maintain the integrity of thousands of formulas during a database transfer. I saw Ella:

• make quick decisions on all the issues that turned up
• maintain consistency in the work of all the proofreaders
• keep multiple versions of hundreds of formulas organized
• manage the flow of hundreds of documents between several people
• keep track of every person’s time
• deal with infrastructure issues and never lose her patience or her good humor at any time

For all these reasons, I would work with Ella again in a heartbeat!”
– Amatulla Zakir, Principal, Content52

“We have been extremely pleased with the outcome of working with Ella and her team. Ella was wonderful to work with. She did an excellent job for our company in reviewing documents. She was very easy to communicate with and the results she provided were exactly what we had requested. She maintained within budget and completed the task on time. I would definitely hire her again for another project.”
– Melissa Merrill, Pharmacist, Professional Compounding Centers of America

“Our oil and gas client was happy with the technical paper, specifically how easy it was to read!”

– Ama Motiwala, Data Analyst, Chirality Research Inc.

“Got the books – they look good! Thanks so much for getting us to this point.”
– Steven Stalinsky, Executive Director, MEMRI

“We have worked with Ella on several projects and are extremely happy with the results. Ella is very conscientious and follows up on all aspects of the project to ensure proper completion. She has excellent attention to detail. We look forward to our next project with her and highly recommend her!”
– Michael Sinclair, President, Co-nexus Communication Systems

“Wow, you’ve made this process very easy.”
– Bill Hensel, Senior Account Executive, Co-nexus Communication Systems

“Ella, you really hit a home run with that last e-book . . .”

“I have been working with Ella for more than a year now. I have found her writing and editing to be of the highest quality. I have observed her talent in several different types of projects and continue to be amazed at her flexibility and versatility. She is reliable, efficient, and always very attentive to detail. She is also very creative and insightful. But just as important, she is a delight to work with. I look forward to using her services on many more projects in the future!”
– Glenn Smith, Executive and Business Coach

“So well written . . .It’s refreshing to have someone write coherently about White Oak Music Hall and the neighborhood.” – Fadi Albana, reader

“What a joy it is to work with Ella! Her writing style is open, amicable, and accessible. To top off her excellent work ethic and reliably high quality of writing, Ella has a charming, friendly personality that simply makes you want to talk with her. Highly recommend.”

– Auburn Layman, Publishing Coordinator, Explore God Network

“I love the article! This is amazing! Wow. You are great.” – Terri Bieber, Executive Director, ARTreach

“What a lovely article, Ella. I feel you truly understand our mission and why we do what we do. Thanks so much for spending the time with me.” — Donna Fruge, Founder and Executive Director, the Summerhouse

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