Pat Stone, Compiler

“I’ll never be able to thank you enough for the meticulous work, memory of each picture and word, and timely communication. I’ve been in good hands . . . more than good, excellent.”

Alanna Bree, M.D., A Children’s House

“Thank you for giving me a voice so I can bring my testimony about my nonprofit to others. You have a wonderful gift, and I feel lucky that you have shared it with me and our readers. It really is a joy to work with you on my book! Your expertise in publishing is invaluable, and you’re always there to provide important insights and support throughout the process.”

Wintress Odom, Owner, The Writers for Hire

“You have been such a wonderful partner for us, Ella.  Your attitude and values just fit so well with ours.  I NEVER worry about sending clients over to you.

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Randy Hames, CEO, Edgewater Studios

“I’m extremely impressed with your preparation and attention to detail. It’s very rare and greatly appreciated by those of us who narrate audiobooks. As a result of your upfront legwork,  I was able to fly through the manuscript in record time. It’s a delight working with you.”

Roger Igo, CEO, The Bell Tower at 34th

“Wow! You are certainly a PRO at what you do.”

Michael Attas, M. Div., M.D., F.A.C.C., Author

I truly love the new three-part organizational structure of my manuscript. You get this. You get me. What more can a writer want!

Glenn Smith, CEO, Glenn Smith Executive Coaching

“Ella’s writing and editing is of the highest quality. I’ve observed her talent in several different types of projects and continue to be amazed at her flexibility and versatility. She is reliable, efficient, and always very attentive to detail. She’s also very creative and insightful. But just as important, she is a delight to work with!”

Jamie Tipton, Owner, Open Heart Designs

“What an extraordinary professional! Ella is very easy to work and communicate with, pays incredible attention to every detail, and keeps the project moving. She puts her heart into her work, and it shows!!”

Auburn Layman, Publishing Coordinator, Explore God Network

“What a joy it is to work with Ella! Her writing style is open, amicable, and accessible. To top off her excellent work ethic and reliably high quality of writing, Ella has a charming, friendly personality that simply makes you want to talk with her. Highly recommend.”

Amatulla Zakir, Principal, Content52

“Ella managed a team of proofreaders to maintain the integrity of thousands of formulas during a database transfer. I saw her make quick decisions, maintain consistency among the team, manage hundreds of documents, and deal with infrastructure issues. She never loses her patience or good humor. For all these reasons, I would work with Ella again in a heartbeat!”

Jegil Dugger, Sales Manager, Juke Slot

“Our clients sent a compliment to you. They said that everything in the business proposal ‘was well put together’!”

Chantel Green, Associate Editor, Oildom Publishing

“I adore Ella not only because she is a compassionate human, but because she’s brilliant at conveying processes.”

Greg Lucas, Sports broadcaster, Author

 “Ella, fine job of cleaning up the opening parts of Baseball: It’s More Than Just a Game. The edit is very well done. You clarified some of my writing without changing the message at all.”

Tracey Timpanaro, Owner, 2T Communications

“Working with Ella is an absolute delight. She’s an incredibly gifted writer who always meets her deadlines. In addition — and perhaps equally important — she brings a very fresh attitude to every project. She will continue to be an integral part of my business.”

Jason Rorie, Elevated Cyber Security

“I love the way the website reads. It is simple and to the point. You did an amazing job.”

Elena Reznikova, Owner, DTPerfect LLC

“Ella is an excellent book project manager: high-quality, seamless work completed on time, in budget, and with clear communication. She is extremely organized, very attentive to detail, and overall a pleasure to work with.”

Terri Bieber, Executive Director, ARTreach

“I love the article on our nonprofit! This is amazing! Wow. You are great.”

Roni Elayne Singer, Technical writer and Co-author

“We are so pleased that we found you. You’ve been great to work with and you explain everything so clearly and with patience. We feel very fortunate to be working with you.”

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