Ella Ritchie


As founder of Stellar Communications Houston, Ella delights in collaborating with consultants, editors, and ghostwriters to serve self-published nonfiction authors. Her published clients include memoirists, small and mid-sized business leaders, nonprofits, families, and international corporations. She is known for her amicable attitude, meticulous attention to detail, and commitment to quality. When she’s not on Zoom calls with her spectacular team, you can find her scribbling strategy, sipping black coffee, and listening to jazz music.


“I adore Ella not only because she is a compassionate human, but because she’s brilliant at conveying processes.”
– Chantal Green, 515 Collective

Signature Topics

  • 5 Nonfiction Book Publishing Myths Busted
  • 5 Steps of the Book Publishing Process Explained
  • 5 Steps to a Nonfiction Book Marketing Plan
  • 5 Collaboration Tips for Your Best Nonfiction Book Cover
  • Face Your Fear to Publish Your Nonfiction Book
At a speaking engagement

“Publishing a book does not seem so intimidating now.”
– De Kohlhoff

Certified Nonfiction Book Publishing and Nonfiction Book Marketing by the Nonfiction Authors Association

“Enlightening. So many takeaways!”
– Kim Pyle

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