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The best book marketing plan for you depends on your budget and your desired level of involvement.

Here are two approaches to help you decide the right fit for you.

Whatever plan is best for you, our aim remains the same: We equip you with long-term strategies and a comprehensive view of the nonfiction book marketing landscape. That way, you can identify opportunities and make wise decisions over the lifetime of your book.

Custom Nonfiction Book Marketing Plan $3,500

Best for authors who want to implement an immediate, done-for-you action plan for a published or forthcoming book.


  • Comprehensive assessment of your online author presence
  • Comprehensive assessment of your book and related materials
  • Virtual presentation of your custom book marketing plan

“You really knocked it out of the park with the marketing plan. I was blown away by how comprehensive it was and your innate understanding of a myriad of tools that would really work.”
– Tracey Timpanaro, 2T Communications

1. At a nonprofit fundraiser for author Dr. Alanna Bree 2. Accepting an award for Contraflow

1. At a nonprofit fundraiser for author Dr. Alanna Bree.
2. Accepting an award for

The cover redesign of Career Change Guide, by Michael Schoettle


“Your presentation and ideas were extremely helpful and much appreciated. You had many useful ideas and have given us a lot to think about as we move forward.”
– Michael Schoettle, Author

Nonfiction Book Marketing Consultations $1,800

Best for authors who want to work with a guide to understand the marketing landscape and create a plan. Six 60- to 90-minute Zoom consultations are scheduled at your pace. You’ll get written guides, homework, accountability, practical tips, resources, and support along the way.

Consultation 1. Set the Foundation: Assessment, Goals, Influence, Niche, Audience

Consultation 2. Reach Your Tribe of Influence: Endorsements, ARCs, Calls to Action

Consultation 3. Prep Your Online Presence: Traffic, Email List, Social Media, Online Groups

Consultation 4. Navigate Media: Pitches, Materials, Opportunities, Interviews

Consultation 5.  Launch Your Book: Pre-Orders, Amazon Tools, Launch or Re-Launch

Consultation 6. Keep the Momentum: Speaking, Groups, Awards, Content Marketing

Nonfiction Book Marketing Areas of Expertise

We’re certified to provide resources and expertise in every aspect of nonfiction book marketing strategy and publicity.

Online book retailers

Pre-order period
Retail sales copy
Amazon ads

Book Cover

Cover re-design
Cover marketing copy
Interior promotional pages

Book Events

Book signings
Launch party

Book Publicity

Book awards programs
PR services
PR consultations

Social Media

Social media assessments
Social media banners
Social media campaigns

Author Website

Logos and branding
Website services
Website consultations

Print Marketing Materials

Book announcement flyers
Press releases

1. Collaborating with editor Tracey Timpanaro of 2T Communications 2.  At the book signing of Dr. Michael Attas

The bookstore signing of It’s Not About Us, by Darlene Taylor

1. Collaborating with editor Tracey Timpanaro of 2T Communications 2.  At the book signing of Dr. Michael Attas

“The marketing plan is very comprehensive and well done. Thank you for your thoughtful effort.”

– John Gammino


“This is exciting! It’s such a drastic difference from where the book started.”

– Ryan DeLane, CEO, Interfanatic

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