Are you thinking BIG this year?

I’m inspired by a cool client who’s always coming up with creative ideas. I know you’ll be inspired, too!

The last time we worked together, he wanted a genealogy gift for his family, a companion product for his family history book. We developed a 12-generational foldout family tree poster with embossed and foil-stamped family crests on durable synthetic paper. Each poster was tucked neatly into a synthetic envelope with an eyelet string enclosure, just in time for Christmas.  

When he does something, he does it BIG.

Okay, maybe not as big as the time we prepared a logo for a water tower. But still, I was delighted when he called with a new idea. 


This time, he imagined a large diagram of the Grand Staircase for his outdoor hotel lobby. The Grand Staircase is a vast 100-mile stretch of sedimentary rock layers separated by cliff faces, resembling a staircase. The artwork was deemed perfect for his luxury glamping property nestled within the rugged national monument.


We got to work figuring out how to bring his vision to life. 

Every label and crevice was researched and replicated by our technical illustrator. Aluminum dibond was selected to withstand harsh Utah winters. Panels were measured and re-measured, and printers were vetted. Installation was planned, and shipping was upgraded as a precaution. 


Many months and details later, the artwork is installed and ready for the grand re-opening of Ofland Escalante. We’re all thrilled! 

I appreciate the freedom this client allows himself to think BIG. Whether it’s for his book or business, he’s great at envisioning outcomes. He generates ideas and explores design possibilities. He has fun with brainstorming —and then he chooses whom to entrust the analysis and implementation of his ideas.

Here are three ways to think BIG in 2024.

Don’t let the feasibility and practicalities of your ideas stop you.

Try these three strategies:

  1. Speak aloud your ideas and share them widely. Allow yourself enthusiasm without fear, and find people with whom you have synergy and can collaborate. 
  2. Let criticism inspire better solutions. Honest feedback can improve your performance or product.
  3. Consult experts. Most ideas demand more planning and work than we think. Assemble a team that will identify potential issues and execute even better than you planned.

Here’s the best thing about thinking big: It breeds more and bigger ideas!

The wall art inspired the idea of selling guest souvenir posters in the hotel gift shop. And as the Ofland team plans a second location in the Smokey Mountains, now they’re dreaming of a statement wall piece in all their future locations—a hallmark of their brand!

This year, let’s think bigger than we’ve dared!

A guest souvenir poster

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